SimuRed: Multicomputer Network Simulator
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Multicomputer Network Simulator
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Download, installation, sources and programs

All versions rely in the same core code, so the results should be the same. The differences among versions are the programming language, the platform and the user interface. Source code for all versions can be found at the end of this page.

Note: From versions newer than 3.1, the only supported platform will be Java (Jsimured).


Version 3.3 Jsimured (Java Multiplatform) Interactive and Command mode

Version 3.1 simured (C++ Windows) Interactive

Version 3.1 simured (C++ Linux/DOS/Windows) Command line

  • This is a version with no interactive or visual interface but with same functionality and power, since it is based on the same core simulator source code. The only change is the front-end that is pure text in this case. The sources can be compiled with the GNU C++ and they are prepared to be compiled under Linux, DOS (djgpp) or Windows (MinGW). The program probably compiles in any other platform.
  • This version works in English and Spanish, but default is English. You can change the LANG internal simulator parameter to 1 to enable English language, or to 0 to see Spanish language.
  • Download the simured_cmd binary (Linux) or simured_cmd.exe (Windows). Eventually it is interesting to download the simured.conf file to feed the simulator with your custom options.

Source Code

  • Complete source code for all versions are include in the file
  • Unzip the file so the complete directory tree is generated. Some versions share some files, common files among versions are found in "Common" directories.
  • Please read the README.txt present in some of the directories.
  • Program binaries for some platforms are also included in the source code.

Fernando Pardo